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Keywords:  Second World War; Adventures; Families; Romance; Sea stories



Kisses on the window : the Montagues go to war    (FeedAread, 2013; also available on Kindle)


The lives and loves of a family as the first years of the Second World War unfold.


Bootle, Merseyside, 1939, and war is imminent.   The Montagues, Jim, Jane and their four children, are about to live through momentous and perilous times.   As a merchant seaman, Jim will have to face the dangers of U-boats and surface raiders.   Bill, the youngest son, aged eight, is to be evacuated, something that he is less than keen on.  Mike, the eldest son, and his friend Aubrey are destined to become two of ‘the few’ in the Battle of Britain. Emily, Mike’s twin, and Paul, the second son, are to join the ARP and Jane the WRVS.   They are to experience the horrors of the blitz.    Emily is also very concerned about her ex-boy friend, Sidney, who becomes one of the thousands trying to escape from France through Dunkirk.    



The bullet and the ring (YouWriteOn, 2008; FeedARead, 2013; also available on Kindle)


‘A gripping story of the battle against the U-boats and German raiders in the South Atlantic’ (Amazon review)



During the Second World War, one of the greatest dangers to Britain was the German U-boat.   These marauding wolves prowled the seas, preying on Allied shipping, attempting to stop the supply of arms, of food, and the movement of troops and equipment.   They were trying to bring Britain to its knees and very nearly succeeded.     On their way home from Africa, Lance Corporal Bob Bould and the beautiful Liz Fearon experience at first hand the horrors of submarine warfare and find themselves drawn into the fight against this undersea menace.                       



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